• Amy Toledano

ZOMBOID! by Richard Foreman

What is it?

ZOMBOID! is an original film/performance project by Richard Foreman and directed, designed and filmed by the very imaginative Patrick Kennedy.  

What is it about?

It is hard to explain exactly what the performance is about. It is definitely an artistic experience in which audience are forced to indulge their senses. This is a radical work of art that showcases our experiences and thoughts. 

ZOMBOID! combines live stage action with previous filmed footage. We see five performers who resemble some form of Mexican Mariachi zombies, or lost wanderers, who stumble through a giant toddler’s playroom. Some central action focuses on a majestic clock that does anything but tell time, that only adds to the macabre mayhem. 

How did it make me feel?

I felt uncomfortable. I don’t believe there’s a way the audience is “supposed” to feel. The experience is to affect everyone differently and individually. The tonic moody expressions on the performers faces makes one feel like they are looking right into their souls the entire time, which leads to feeling vulnerable. I found myself thinking, “What have I done wrong in my past?”

The performance is more about the individuals’ experience of watching something so strange and irrational, than it is to simply enjoy it. 

The use of tableaux mixed with action and film (which also uses tableaux) creates an over-stimulated experience and shatters the audience’s general theatrical experience. 

Anything else?

One would almost think they were at the Tate Modern watching a live exhibition; it was that strange, colourful, and bold. 

While this is not everyone’s taste, ZOMBOID! offers a completely different and thought provoking theatre-going experience. 

Natasha x

ZOMBOID! is playing at the New Wimbledon Theatre Studio until the 7th December 2019.

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