• Amy Toledano

WOOD Presented by Adam Foster

What is it?

A clever commentary on porn and the patriarchy within the creative arts, in the form of a play within a play.

What's it all about?

Four young actors rehearse for a play about an ageing porn star and his toxic masculinity. As the rehearsals progress, so does the female actors opinions and ideas about what the show should be. George (George Fletcher), the writer and director of the piece, who is also playing the lead role of John, is becoming frustrated with the interruptions and changes to his piece, however is aware that if he objects to his female cast mates on changes that are both progressive and exciting, he will appear to have the same kinds of patriarchal values that his character displays. As the show continues we witness the female actors moving the show in a new and dynamic direction, as the characters are moulded and changed until it seems the show no longer belongs to John at all.

How did it make me feel?

This show is funny as hell. The cast are all fantastic, and switch between themselves and their porn star characters with ease. Nneka Okoye who takes over the lead role of John is completely watchable and brilliant as she gives her male co-star a run for his money in her portrayal of this troubled man. Alongside Okoye is Claire Cartwright, who is so natural and genuine playing John's successful and empowered wife Olivia. Philippa Hogg is also a force to reckoned with, as the Director Larry, along with her multi-role style throughout the piece. The writing is astute as ever, with Adam Foster along with director Grace Duggan creating a poignant look into the rehearsal rooms of many creatives, and the way in which men still feel the need to make everything about them.

Anything Else?

Inventive and natural, WOOD is a show for anyone who has felt silenced or pushed aside and champions the success and empowerment of women within the creative arts and onward.

Amy x

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