• Amy Toledano

Wolfie: Some Sort of Fairytale by Ross Willis

Photography by Helen Murray

What is it?

A punchy, clever two-hander that follows the upbringing of the Sharkey Twins, after their separation during infancy.

What's it all about?

Two twin girls float around their mothers womb, preparing for the outside world. A (Sophie Melville) is raving and ready, Z (Erin Doherty) is more apprehensive, and feels she needs more time to prepare. But the timing is now and the pair, dive head first into the outside world.

But their mother, a superhero child bearer is not destined to be the mother the pair intended on, and soon enough the baby girls are whisked away by a Bony Man and presented to a Soggy Woman who spends her time soaking in the bath. Finding the prospect of mothering twins too much, the "Soggy Woman" (aptly nicknamed by the twins) asks her Bony Man to take one away.

Dragging A to the woods with the intention of shooting her, fate steps in and a hungry wolf finds not only her next meal, but a new baby to raise in the woods.

As the two sisters grow up, separately and under completely different circumstances, both find themselves facing challenges that are similar, and that the hardships of growing up remain the same.

As the two women are forced to accept and make the best of their situations, both begin to understand more about themselves and the world than they ever thought possible, and learn that their ever shining love can conquer all.

How did it make me feel?

This show is a whirlwind of emotion. The two actors are sublime. Sophie Melville as the cheeky and vivacious A is a joy and unapologetically brilliant, and her energy pulsates throughout, in particular in her moments in the woods. Opposite her, Erin Doherty is electric as the more reserved, yet fire-bellied A. The pair create this world effortlessly, and Willis' writing is bold and exciting. A little absurd at times, the show is the perfect example of taking a risk and having it pay off. The story is not a conventional one, and the choices made by the actors, director Lisa Spirling and the rest of the creative team are magical. All the elements that make up this show are important, and create a story that is both familiar and completely compelling.

Where Is It Playing?

Theatre 503 is no stranger to exciting new writing and this show is no exception. This lovely little space creates the intimate and multi-landscape world for this piece perfectly.

Anything Else?

Wolfie is totally original, unexpected and engaging. It is risky and hilarious and makes no attempt at being conventional. A little treasure that glitters and shines with love throughout.

Amy x

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