• Amy Toledano

Who They Were presented by Split Note Theatre

What is it?

Who They Were by Luke Culloty.

What's it all about?

Florence (Adela Rajnović) hasn’t seen Eros (Lucy Abraham) for one hundred years after their toxic relationship ended. Tonight, she returns to the flat to collect the last of her things. Two Immortals, must confront who they are, what they are and who they were.

How did it make me feel?

This play feels slightly lost and needs more time in order to realise what it is. The story element with ‘the food’ Joe (played hilariously by Ruby Herrington) is a great part of the play as not only can you laugh at the ridiculous situation that Joe has put herself in but it also asks the question - when are you ready to die, what if you had someone there to ask you ‘Are you sure?’.

The acting by all three actors is good, but it is left feeling that the story should progress more in someway as it never reaches its natural (or un-natural) conclusion.

Anything Else?

The initial concept is a good one but for an hour long show it struggles to realise its full potential as a play. Supernatural, losing love and claiming it back or a show about having the choice to kill yourself, this show poses many questions but leaves no satisfactory answers.

Claire-Monique x

Who They Were played at Etcetera Theatre until the 9th November 2019.

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