• Amy Toledano

When It Happens by Rachel Causer

What is it?

Three unlikely women find themselves held in a police station after they are all driven to strange and hilarious crimes as the result of societal rules and pressures.

What's it all about?

Jenny, Beth and Freya are three women who never thought they would be arrested and held at a police station, but, have somehow managed to find themselves in this exact situation. As this story unfolds and each woman gives us her account of how exactly this came to be, we learn that all three women have been, in one way or another, breaking the mould, smashing through the stereotypes and the patriarchy that has had them behaving and living in certain ways for the longest time. Jenny has had enough and bitten the office pervert (literally), Beth has found connection with her tiny son and taken him swimming in the local park's fountain and Freya has managed to escape from her emotionally abusive father and had a small run in with a stranger that has her terrified for her future. These three women find solace in one another and come to realise that perhaps the person that they have discovered within themselves is the person they are actually meant to be.

How did it make me feel?

When It Happens had me in absolute hysterics in one moment and on the edge of my seat with suspense in the next. These three actors use so many fantastic techniques to create these lovely characters and the worlds that go along with them and it was a pleasure to witness their stories unfold. Totally outrageous and clever this show had me on side from the beginning.

Anything Else?

With an ensemble that works together so effortlessly, this slick and intelligent show is one for anyone who has ever felt unheard, pushed aside or just completely exhausted and are in need on a reset. I loved every minute.

Amy x