• Amy Toledano

What They Said About Love presented by Blue Panther Productions and Canal Cafe Theatre

What is it?

Comedian Steve Budd explores the idea of love, through a range of characters and stories that are both personal and sweet.

What's it all about?

Steve Budd, has never found "the one". And now, on a holiday to Wahaca, Mexico, in celebration of his fiftieth birthday, Steve is set up on a blind date that turns out to be a success. This woman is everything he has been looking for and more. Funny, vivacious and head of heels in love with Steve. He has won the lottery.

Their holiday romance blossoms, and soon the pair are inseparable. But the vacation cannot last forever, and as Steve heads home to the USA the pair do their best to keep their relationship afloat.

Throughout the piece Budd plays a range of characters that, in a "talking heads/interview style" describe their experience of falling in love with their significant others. From a couple of metal-heads to a new age pair of lovers Steve wonders why he can't seem to get things right in his love life, and how all these other people have.

How did it make me feel?

This show is sweet and warm. Budd is really likeable, and his physicality is wonderful in his presentation of a huge range of characters. Notable mentions are definitely the couple who met on Craigslist, and the metal head couple who thought it would be hilarious to get married on 06/06/2006.

His relationship with his holiday fling is really interesting, and while, for the first half of the show, we really grow to like Steve and his mission to settle down, when things get messy and he begins to be "critical" of his partner, things become odd.

The reasons he has for the relationship not working out seem menial, from her messy cooking style to her liking different music to him.

This leaves a strange feeling in the space, and it feels as though these details aren't particularly fleshed out, and don't really make sense, as the pair have such a deep and loving connection for so much of the show. These reasons just don't justify for their breakup. It gives a sense that the show is more a way to show off Budd's character acting, rather than to give us a truly deep and meaningful story.

Where Is It Playing?

Canal Cafe Theatre is a lovely space that is open yet intimate, and allows some off the cuff audience participation that is funny and endearing.

Anything Else?

There is no denying that Budd is talented. And yet, What They Said About Love is ultimately forgettable, and that serves mainly to show off Budd's acting, rather than tell a story of any real depth or originality.

Amy x

What They Said About Love runs until the 27th July 2019 at Canal Cafe Theatre.

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