• Amy Toledano

What Girls Are Made Of presented by Raw Material & Traverse Theatre Company

Image courtesy of Michaela Bodlovic

What Is It?

A gig theatre show that sweats with feminist power and honesty.

What Is It All About?

Cora Bissett relives her journey as an indie kid turned rockstar in this exhilarating piece of gig theatre.

Sitting in her parents loft, sifting through the memories that made up her young life, Cora is thrown back to a different time.

She is suddenly a young woman, desperate to have her voice heard and with one singular dream, to sing in a band.

As luck would have it she finds her place as front woman of Fife's newest indie rock band Darling Heart and, after a meeting with Edinburgh's best known band manager, gets her first big break.

But breaks don't last forever and as Cora navigates her way through a couple of bum deals and the hectic nature of tour life, she comes to realise that she is the only one who has the power to shape her future.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

What Girls Are Made Of combines the power of hindsight with the strength of the female lens. From youth to womanhood, we are treated to this indie rock tour of the 90s that comes with a huge helping of nostalgia. Blur, Radiohead and many other artists make an appearance (as played by the rest of the cast who also provide all the music) and the first half of the show feels like a hazy memory from a brilliant night out before hangovers started to catch up with us.

The second half takes a quieter, more contained direction and brings Cora back to her family and her home town. The transformation is gorgeous and the performance is an absolute tour-de-force.

The ensemble are seamless and Direction by Orla O’Loughlin is beautifully executed.

The band Emma Smith, Simon Donaldson and Harry Ward are a joy, and are able to play an incredibly large range of characters with extraordinary precision and familiarity.

The shows glorious ending is exciting and uplifting, and it is a real pleasure to see this celebration of womanhood being totally revelled in.

Anything Else?

A gorgeous, nostalgic ode to being young, big dreams and Patti Smith.

Amy x

What Girls Are Made Of is playing at Soho Theatre until the 28th September 2019.

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