• Amy Toledano

#WeAreArrested presented by Arcola Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company

What is it?

An emotional experience about the price you pay for doing the right thing.

What is it all about?

Some sensitive information about the government lands into Can’s hands, the Head Editor of one of the most important papers in the country. As he decides to publish the story he embarks on a journey that will cost him not only everything he has but also himself.

How did it make me feel?

Told in first person, including flashbacks to the past, this fourth wall breaking performance draws you in from the first minute. It points out the political contradictions of the society we live in and it resonates on a lot of levels. It makes you think about how people, as citizens, behave passively as a result of the political nonsense we experience everyday. A passiveness that most of the time feels imposed upon by those in charge, that are filled with greed and drunk with power. This play beautifully illustrates how this is done with fear. From the very moment Can, the Head Editor, decides to do what he thinks is the right thing and publishes the evidence that proves that the government has been secretly arming extremists in a foreign civil war fear comes knocking at his door. The fear of losing his job, his credibility as a journalist, his family and even his freedom. #WeAreArrested is incredibly relevant to the political situations around the globe, and highlights their shocking similarities. Ultimately this is the irony of it. As an audience, we sit in a theatre in order to watch a play and we are touched by what we see, but as the reality is filtered through we realise the way in which the media leaves us indifferent to such important issues. The show is eye-opening and necessary. I believe #WeAreArrested is a powerful story that helps to build up empathy and understanding towards the ones that face injustice in a democracy.

Where is it playing?

#WeAreArrested is running at the Arcola Theatre until December the 4th, 7:30pm and matinees at 2:30pm.

Anything else?

It is also worth mentioning Charlie Cridlan’s set design. It adds some lovely moments to the storytelling and allows your imagination to fly.

Ingrid x

#WeAreArrested is playing at the Arcola Theatre until the 4th December 2019.

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