• Amy Toledano

Vulvarine- A New Musical presented by Fat Rascal Theatre

What is it?

A new musical parody that champions feminism and follows the story of female superhero Vulvarine on her quest for equality.

What's it all about?

Not a lot happens in High Wycombe, that is until the timid yet astute Bryony Buckle (Allie Munro) notices something strange about an account she is looking after at work that appears to be funneling money from the tampon tax into a private fund. Working with her best friend Poppy (Katie Wells), the pair uncover the evil plans of The Mansplainer (Robyn Grant) and Bryony's strange powers begin to make sense. As she confronts The Mainsplainer in order to save her unrequited love Orson Bloom (Jamie Mawson) as well as all of woman kind, she takes the audience on a kick ass adventure that celebrates the brilliance of women.

How did it make me feel?

In the usual Fat Rascal fashion, this new musical is highly energised and completely absurd (in the best way possible). The cast is a tight knit ensemble, and it's evident that they have been working together for a long time. The chemistry between Munro and Mawson was palpable throughout, and as the cheese factor is pushed more and more so too isthe ridiculousness and fun of the show. The songs are upbeat and keep the plot bubbling along effortlessly. The choreography is slick and the show feels highly polished, with the many various characters presented as well defined, clear and concise.

Munro in the role of Vulvarine is an absolute joy. The character is exciting and confident, and it is a wonderful experience to be able to witness such a show.

Anything Else? Fat Rascal have quickly asserted themselves at the top of the fringe theatre scene, bringing original and important messages to the forefront, without taking themselves too seriously. A great night of theatre.

Amy x

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