• Amy Toledano

V+15 presented by Nevertheless Theatre Company

What is it?

V +15 is about truth, and fighting against the system. A pair who have been hiding, and who can’t keep being silent anymore. It covers the complexity of truth and censorship.

What is about?

Two people, a caravan and the murky world of fighting the system. Alina and Vincent and the world they’ve got to fight back.

How did it make me feel?

The chemistry between the two cast members Alina (Sarita Plowman) and Vincent (Gianbruno) transfixes you. There are just a couple of moments where the acting feels slightly forced, however these are outside of crucial moments. Generally speaking though, this two-person cast do command the audience’s attention the whole way through. This is by all accounts an incredible achievement for two people in a continuous play.

The sound design and the lighting (Neil McKeown, Perttu Landesmaki) add to the eerie feel of the play, and make the dramatic twists of the show all the more frightening!

The writing by Jo Sutherland is beautiful at times, although at some points the plot feels a little over-complex. It would have been helpful perhaps, to have more hints about what the back story of who Alina and Vincent are, as well as more context about the world they inhabit. Overall however, the play has a message we all need to hear, about censorship and truth, and fighting back. It is stunning to observe too.

Anything Else?

Keep your eyes on Sarita Plowman and Gianbruno Spena!

Scarlett x

V+15 is playing in the Cavern, VAULT Festival until the 1st March 2020.

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