• Amy Toledano

Twelfth Night presented by Sneaky Rhombus Collective

What is it? 

Sneaky Rhobus’ Production of Twelfth Night .

What's it all about? 

When Olivia meets Cesario she falls into crisis. She didn’t think she liked men.

Sneaky Rhombus Collective present an experimental ensemble production of Shakespeare’s story of chaos and mistaken identity. How do its themes of gender and sexuality square with our modern world?

With lighting and projection art by Jai Nobes, live music and a psy-trance vibe, Sneaky Rhobus Collective find out what is possible with no physical set.

How did it make me feel? 

When Shakespeare is done well it’s incredible, when it is not, it really is hard to watch. sadly, the latter is true of this production. There is no sense of anyone actually understanding the text, the plot or the humour of this piece.  If their intention was to ask the questions about gender and sexuality this is not at all explained or performed in such a way. All the way through the show feels clunky. There is one saving grace however in the form of the actors playing Sir Andew Aguecheek and Feste but they don't do much else to help this production.

There is an interesting projection on the wall that is only utilised a couple of times in the production and never seen again. There is no sense of understanding the language of Shakespeare in this production, which makes any further modern twists seem pointless.

Anything Else? 

There were some technical difficulties before and during the play during this particular performance, which understandably, be frustrating for actors, but the performers did not cover or work with them in the best way, ad-libbing, seemingly for the sake it, which left a strange atmosphere in the room.

Claire-Monique x

Twelfth Night is playing at Greenwich Theatre Studio from 23-25 January 2020.

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