• Amy Toledano

Trojan Horse presented by LUNG in association with Leeds Playhouse

Image by The Other Richard

What is it? 

Lung in Association with Leeds Playhouse presents Trojan Horse.

What's it all about? 

Based on the real life ‘Trojan Horse Inquiry’ the plays examines the different aspects of teachers, pupils and politicians. It also asks the question of what religion, sexuality, and politics put at risk in order to have ‘British Values’. 

How did it make me feel? 

The strong cast of five multi-role incredibly well, with every scene smoothly transitioning without the feeling of watching the same actor. The set is cleverly designed using old school desks to keep props and costume changes quick and easy, and keeps the flow smooth. Initially it is very hard to hear some of the actors, but they do warm up in the space and it is easier to hear as the play progresses.

There is the option to have an Urdu audio translation to accompany the performance and the projections on the massive black board both in English and Urdu really bring home the divide we have in this country when it comes to culture and tolerance. The story is really eye opening, as with a lot of things at present, and reiterates the fact that more often than not we only seem to hear one side of the story. It is refreshing and exciting to hear from the "other" side.

Where Is It Playing? 

It is currently running at Battersea Arts Centre till 16th November. They have announced that they will be performing the piece at the Houses of Parliament January 2020.

Anything Else? 

Anyone who is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the details of religion should watch this play, as it shows that we all have the same concerns when it comes to the education system despite our beliefs, and illustrates the way in which society condemns people who it perceives to be different from the "norm". 

Claire-Monique x

Trojan Horse is playing at Battersea Arts Centre until the 16th November 2019.

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