• Amy Toledano

Trigger Warning presented by EUROTRASH

Image courtesy of Harry Elletson

What is it?

Two hosts take us through all the trigger warnings for a show we may never see. 

What is it all about?

Daniel Hay-Gordon and Kath Duggan are our hosts for the evening, reading us a hefty list of content and trigger warnings for a play called Hope.

This is an absurd and humourous production that really pushes the limits of performance and theatre. I found myself asking ‘What am I watching?’ with a smile on my face almost the entire way through.  

How did it make me feel?

Trigger Warning promises big things in the way of feeling, “Please note during this performance you may find you feel things. Up to and including: Boredom. Agony. Ecstasy. Arousal...” but unfortunately does not quite deliver. Despite almost flawless performances from both Hay-Gordon and Duggan, whose natural onstage chemistry lends itself wonderfully to the inherent humour in this piece, it is let down by the writing itself. Trigger Warning sets itself by asking big questions about big topics (Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces and Snowflakes) both in it’s marketing, along with headlining Camden People’s Theatre’s Handle With Care Festival, but never seems to quite get there. I think it is refreshing to watch a piece of theatre that is essentially an hour long list and remain engaged the entire way through, but you are left wanting more.

Where is it playing?

Trigger Warning will run at The Camden People’s Theatre until November 9th, it is at 7.15pm.


Anything else?

It would be a sin not to mention the work of Lily Arnold, who’s design is fun and effective, and Owen Crouch whose sound design makes the audience laugh out loud on multiple occasions. All the elements of design in this show come together to perfectly compliment the physically superb performances, therefore it is such a shame that a show about content warnings was let down so much by it’s content.

Serafina x

Trigger Warning is playing at Camden People's Theatre until the 9th November 2019.

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