• Amy Toledano

Tickle The Musical presented by LAMBCO Productions

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

What Is It?

TICKLE, THE MUSICAL is a new, original musical comedy based on a true story. It runs just over an hour in length.

What Is It About?

TICKLE is based on the true story of competitive tickling in America. There was a documentary made about the events from which this show has taken it's inspiration. It centres around two best mates, played by James McDowall and Ben Brooker, who enter into the taboo world of competitive tickling just to win some extra cash. Things escalate as they become the prized duo to their "pimpette", Tina Tickle, played by Richard Watkins, who refuses to let them leave the industry when the boys have higher life aspirations. The story takes a turn as a fun and friendly business turns into blackmailing and media scandals. But, like all good musicals, this one has a happy ending as the boys return to make amends with their previous employer, finishing the show with a very flashy Las Vegas style ending, complete with giant ostrich feathers and all. 

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This show really tickled me. Throughout all the campiness, there is true heart to the show, and is mainly about friendship. The characters that McDowall and Brooker play go through quite a ride in this quick show. From being best mates, to entertainment competitors, to one admitting he has feelings for the other, they're friendship really does tug on your heartstrings. This is what the show is mostly about, at it's core. It explains that no matter what, friendship and working together can conquer anything. It is uplifting to watch the two friends deal with the one sided affection and fight for themselves when they want to leave the industry to follow their real dreams, such as going to university. 

Anything Else?

This is definitely a fun late night show to catch with a cocktail or two from this charming pub. The intimate space of the theatre allows for great, yet minimal, audience interaction and gives the effect of being at the front of the arena for the tickle championships.

To note: there is brief nudity in the show and may not be suitable for those under 16. 

Natasha x

TICKLE The Musical is playing at The King's Head Theatre in Islington until 26th October 2019. 

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