• Amy Toledano

Thrown Presented by Living Record Productions

What is it?

A binaural experience, this show explores the mind of a child psychologist and the memories of her former patients that begin to mesh with her own.

What's it all about?

A woman makes a recording in order to reflect on and examine her work as a child psychologist. Through her microphone Frank, which is in the shape of a human head, Thrown delicately begins to wade through the crumbling human mind of one woman and the work she once did. As the show progresses we are exposed to the various characters and images that make up the memory of this particular mind, and the moments that appear one way in memory that may not truly be as they seem. Travelling through time, we witness childhood through to old age, as our protagonist clings to the things she believes she knows.

How did it make me feel?

Thrown is an absolute sensory delight. The stage is a beautiful creation of light that glows and pulses as the show does and the binaural elements create an intimate and tantalising experience for the audience. Sound-scapes capture their attention and dance and bounce throughout the space before fading aware, creating an almost cinematic effect throughout. Jill Rutland is a highly skilled performer and balances on the energy of the piece with ease. The playwright Jodi Gray has created a show that is almost puzzle like, putting itself together only to smash itself up and start again. A truly exciting experience to be apart of.

Anything Else?

Incredibly original and intelligent theatre making is at play here, as the space casts dark shadows and sparks across Rutland and creates an immersive experience unlike any other.

Amy x

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