• Amy Toledano

Thomas Presented by Snapper Theatre

What is it?

Thomas is a coming of age story about family, loss and acceptance told through the eyes of a boy with Asperger's and the impact this has on those closest to him.

What's it all about?

Thomas and his cousin David have always been close. Through everything they have always been there for each other, and David has always made sure that Thomas has been well looked after. But when the boys get older and end up attending different universities, David begins to realise that perhaps it isn't just Thomas who needs looking after either.

How did it make me feel?

This show included a lot of strong elements that make for a good show. Robbie Curran who wrote the piece as well as plays the lead role of Thomas shows great promise as a playwright with some truly lovely moments throughout. However I found the character of David (Ben Lydon) a lot less likeable, and while Lydon really shone through with his comedic flair, a lot of the scenes between him and Thomas feel forced and rushed and at times unnecessary. The structure of the show is interesting and while I understand why there is the use of flashbacks, they often feel scattered and I found that they made it difficult to follow where we were in time and how these scenes moved the story along. Amanda Shodeko (Michelle/Petra/Ensemble) is the stand out in this play with her comedy chops really showing the audience a diverse and enjoyable range of characters that provide for some absolutely hilarious moments.

Anything Else?

Overall this show is still enjoyable and breaks the mould on what society generally perceive people with different disabilities to be like. It gives a platform to a group of people who often don't have that, without putting all of it's energy into pushing that message down the audiences' throat. Because at it's core, this is simply a lovely story about the important bonds of family and friends.

Amy x


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