• Amy Toledano

The Wrong Ffion Jones, Underbelly, Dehli Belly

What Is It?

Welsh tour guide Ffion Jones presents us with the future of Wales and what happens when capitalism reaches its height of total control, leaving a shell of this once prosperous and free country.

What Is It All About?

Ffion Jones is a brilliant tour guide. In fact she is one of the best around. "Can everyone see my floppy leek?" she shouts as she holds up a semi inflated vegetable. This leek means we are on Ffion's tour, and we are in for two and a half hours of Walesland brilliance.

But Wales isn't the way it once was, with a glass dome covering the whole of the country, and all employees earning Bevan dollars instead of Pound Sterling, as distributed by the Bevan Brothers, or Bevan, Bevan, Bevan and Co.

Ffion spends her nights with her friends Vince and Blod at the pub, gossiping about co-workers and wondering what things would be like if Walesland wasn't just a tourist attraction. A few too many pints later, Ffion has accidentally started a rebellion and is making her way up the Bevan Tower to speak her mind.

But this Bevan Brother presents her with a new alternative, instead of her carrying on and probably, in time, losing her job along with everyone else, she can audition to be the one, ultimate tour guide, the face of Walesland.

Forced to choose between the Rebellion and her one shot, Ffion tries to hash out her choices with her newly appointed spirit guide Winnie (as in, The Pooh) and figure out what it is the young version of herself, along with her adult self really want from life.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Absurd and brilliant, Ffion Jones has honed in on her knowledge of her homeland and created this bleak, futuristic world.

A clever observation on the capitalist market, Jones brings humour to the dark realties of our world to the stage.

Jones' comedy chops are flawless, and her ease in transforming from one character to the next is hilarious.

The show builds to an exciting climax, and Jones paints the image of her world for us effortlessly, bringing us into Walesland from the get go.

Special mention to the training montage between Ffion and Winnie, which is the epitome of the kind of show we were watching, and has the audience in hysterics.

This show has a slightly unexpected ending, but is a lovely lesson in expressing that not every story is exactly about us and that it is important to recognise other people's stories as well as our own.

Anything Else?

Entertaining, clever and inventive, The Wrong Ffion Jones is an experience not to be missed this Fringe!

Amy x

The Wrong Ffion Jones is playing at Underbelly Dehli Belly until the 25th August 2019.

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