• Amy Toledano

The Wild Unfeeling World, Pleasance Courtyard, The Green

What Is It?

Casey Andrews brings her unique storytelling flair to this one woman retelling of Moby Dick.

What Is It All About?

Inside a makeshift boat, the audience sits around the space as Andrews begins this story, but not in the way we know it. Our leading character is Dylan, a lonely young woman who has been left in a very unfortunate situation, decides to make her way to the Southbank, to visit her favourite childhood haunt.

But with no vehicle or money, she needs to find other methods of travel, which forces her to push herself to her limits and make it to the centre of town.

Throw in a boat full of cats and a whale in the Thames, and this show is the emotionally charged little sister to Charles Dickens original tale.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This is a wonderful, warm and emotive tale that personifies how it feels to be battling depression and the truth around mental health in young people in the UK.

Andrews storytelling style is visceral and incredibly personal. We are with her from the get go, and the space is full of sound and light that brings this world to life.

Although the piece does not stick to the original story of Moby Dick this "millennial" update invokes a completely new understanding of the story.

The final face off between the two leading characters is also both hilarious and challenges the idea that stories have to end in a certain way, with Andrews hammering home that sometimes a happy ending is the best choice.

Anything Else?

Without a doubt one of the most lovely and intimate shows going on in Edinburgh this year.

Amy x

The Wild Unfeeling World is playing at The Pleasance Courtyard, The Green, until the 25th August 2019.

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