• Amy Toledano

The Scratch at The Queens Theatre Hornchurch

What Is It?

An evening of short performances that showcases work from emerging Essex-based artists.

What Is It All About?

Comprising of six different excerpts of plays and music, The Scratch gives an opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their work in a safe and encouraging environment.

I Just Want To Get To Work by Adenike Ojo

A really strong idea, and an all too familiar situation for many commuters living in the outer boroughs of London. I really liked the subtle nods to the lead characters anxiety and the different reactions she had to various situations.

I think the next step for the piece now is really honing in on the narrative itself and forming a story arc for this intriguing character.

Washed Up by Miranda Wilkie

I absolutely loved this idea. The performances were strong and the idea original. The representation of queer women and the exploration of class and societal pressures were examined beautifully.

I found the piece slightly expositional, but this could be down to the short amount of time the artists had to play with. Really great idea, looking forward to seeing the full piece!

The Life Changing Magic of Selling a Lamp by Kate Austen – No Fixed Address

Strong performances, strong writing and a great premise. I really loved this unlikely pair stumbling into a friendship that they both needed, and thought that if anything there could be less props and set and a more pared-back style.

A millennial tale for all women who need a partner in crime. Loved it.

From the Ashes by Claire Jared – Mad Stallion Productions

Hilarious writing with good performances this show had it's one liners down to a fine art. Lots of lovely moments, if not slightly cliché. It did take me a little while to work out the characters relationship to one another, but immediately understood the relationship to the ashes they were carrying. Very enjoyable to watch and an interesting look at friendship and what happens when the lines become blurred.

Squad Goals by Michelle Payne – Caspa Arts

Brilliant movement, well-defined characters and a fantastic exploration of what it means to grow up as a young woman with dreams that are not in line with the expectations placed on them. A really powerful message throughout with the game scene in particular being atmospheric and full of life. A really excellent piece of work by Michelle Payne and a brilliant ensemble of young women.

Tom Brooks

Singer/Songwriter Tom Brooks performed four original songs that were emotive and interesting. All in a similar vein, Tom has a great voice and is a skilled guitarist with loads of potential.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

The Scratch was an open and warm experience. The audience we receptive and excited to be hearing from these new pieces and artists.

The Queens Theatre Hornchurch has done a lovely job of bringing together a community of people who love the arts, and I felt incredibly welcomed by everyone who was present.

The various pieces were all very different to one another and did a wonderful job of really confirming the amount of talent of artists from the Essex area.

Anything Else?

A great opportunity for artists and an entertaining night overall.

Amy x

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