• Amy Toledano

The New Romantic presented by Sadie Spencer

What is it?

A new perspective on the classic love story that explores polyamory and it's many complicated, wonderful emotions.

What's it all about?

Antonia (Milli Proust) loves Bruno (Edward Davis) and has for the last five years. Bruno loves Antonia back, but when the alternative and exciting Erin (Eleanor Henderson) enters their lives they begin to realise that their capacity for love is much bigger than they ever thought possible. As the three of them try to understand these new feelings they head into the unknown and find that while things may not be simple, they might be just right.

How did it make me feel?

A lovely piece of theatre here, with strong elements and ideas that are not regularly explored. Proust and Henderson have real chemistry and the energy between them is genuine from the start. As their relationship with Bruno begins to blossom so too does their love for one another, and it is really special to see this unconventional but gorgeous relationship unfold. The piece made me laugh in spite of myself and Sadie Spencer's writing is sharp and truthful. The piece does begin to get slightly preachy toward the end, but overall the idea that making their own stories and romance is incredibly poignant.

Anything Else?

An unconventional love story that is heartfelt, generous and unafraid to show itself and all its flaws.

Amy x

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