• Amy Toledano

The Little Prince presented by Protein Dance

Image courtesy of Jane Hobson

What is it?

Luca Silvistrini’s new dance adaptation of family favourite The Little Prince.

What is it all about?

The Little Prince leaves his home planet in search of friends and meets a whole host of grown ups along the way.

How did it make me feel?

The Little Prince is an incredibly sweet show full of nostalgia. The attention to detail in Protein’s lively re-imagining of this classic book is admirable, a notable moment being Donna Lennard’s consistent snake-like winking whenever she appears on stage.

The star of this show is undoubtedly Kip Johnson who plays The Pilot. He holds this child-like show down to the ground with grace and pulls the plot along with strength. Faith Pendergast as The Little Prince himself moves so lightly from planet to planet, there is no point where you would not believe she is a small boy from outer space. Sometimes the lighting, designed by Jackie Shemesh is not quite as precise, missing the mark and leaving the dancers in the dark. Design by Yann Seabra and video design by Daniel Denton work in perfect tandem, using simple spheres to create a multitude of planets the way a child might imagine universes out of nothing.

Anything else?

This production lives up to the high bar set by the original book and would be a perfect night out with your family, or just for fans of the book.

The Little Prince is playing at The Place util the 24th December 2019.

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