• Amy Toledano

The Little Prince presented by Omnibus Theatre

Image courtesy of Dan Tsantalis

What is it?

A new retelling of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s children's book of the same name.

What is it all about?

In this magical journey we meet a pilot who has crash landed and the Little Prince that helps them remember what it is to be a child, with wonder, imagination and joy. The Little Prince, on a mission to figure out how to be a great friend meets many different characters who help him understand what friendship is all about, and what makes a friend unique and special.

How did it make me feel?

The Little Prince is one of my favourite books, and this retelling brings back all the warm and magical memories of the tale. The cast create a safe and open environment for children and adults to both relax and enjoy themselves. The piece is musical and light, but with intelligent language that does not patronise the young audience, instead treating them as equal and making an even for an even more inclusive experience.

There are jokes for all ages, and there were definitely quite a few laughs coming from the parents in the room, as well as from their children.

The cast are absolutely wonderful with both Royce Cronin and Vera Chok bringing various characters to life throughout, with special mention to Cronin's Rose and Chok's high-vis donning Bird. Comfort Fabian plays the title role of The Little Prince with a wonder and brightness that is completely contagious.

Where is it playing?

Omnibus Theatre creates an immersive-like world, filling the space with colour and light. The shows Lighting and Sound Designers Rachel Sampley and Jon McLeod both bring inventive and exciting ideas to the piece, in particular the use of visual projections to signify drawings in the desert sand.

Anything else?

A beautiful show for all ages, with a heart-warming message about friendship and love that will make anyone nostalgic for being a child.

Amy x

The Little Prince is playing at Omnibus Theatre until the 30th December 2019.

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