• Amy Toledano

The Limit Presented by Bottle Cap Theatre

What is it?

A new musical based on the life of Parisian Mathematician Sophie Germain, and the obstacles she faced in trying to pursue her work in a world run by men.

What's it all about?

Sophie Germain (Nicola Bernarelle) is a young woman who longs to study the world of mathematics and physics. Denied by her Mother (Rachel Delooze), who is more concerned with finding her a suitable husband, Germain manages to submit work to the French Academy of Sciences posing as one of the more uninterested students, Antoine Le Blanc (George Naylor). Sophie befriends the science prodigy that is Siméon Denis Poisson (Jamal Franklin), and for a brief moment enjoys her new identity as a student who can engage with others on her work.

However, once her true identity is revealed, and with the support of University Lecturer Professor Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Sophie attempts to pursue the work she has dedicated herself to, this time as her true self.

How did it make me feel?

Bottle Cap Theatre have created a little bit of magic with this wonderful production, bringing a story that focuses on the life of a brilliant, independent and determined woman. Using classic musical theatre troupes, the show flips the usual female character blueprint and gives her depth, intelligence and personality! Writers Freya Smith and Jack Williams establish themselves as sound creators of the musical theatre genre and combine a sharp and clever book with a score that is polished and catchy as hell. The cast again are incredibly strong, and in particular, Nicola Bernardelle as Germain herself shines with the fire that is ingrained in her character. Her performance is truthful and measured, and her vocals soar along with the shows fantastic score. Rachel Delooze is also wonderful as both Sophie's mother Marie-Sophie Germain and Professor Pierre-Simon Laplace. Her comedic timing is impeccable and her characterisation is clear and concise.

The choreography by Alfie Taylor-Gaunt is also a pleasure to watch, as it's inventive and slick nature adds another element to what makes this show so fantastic.

The entire cast and creative team come together to create a piece that combines contemporary language and music with classical themes and subject matter.

Anything Else? The Limit is an exciting and inspiring piece, that sets the tone for a new type of musical that turns the usual female characters into the focus point for the story, reeling the audience in with its heart, truth and a score filled with earworms that you will be singing all the way home!

Amy x

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