• Amy Toledano

The Ladies Loo Chronicles presented by Mind Out Theatre

Image courtesy of Jack Whitney

What is it?

A glorious expression of female friendship and menstruation, that takes place in the loos of a London Club.

What's it all about?

Megan (Flora London) and Lydia (Evangeline Osbon) are on a night out when suddenly Megan gets an all too familiar visitor. Her period has arrived but she doesn't have any kind of sanitary product! Trapped in the toilet cubicle she calls out to the bathroom attendant Winnie who offers to give her a tampon, for the hefty price of £2.50. Typically Megan doesn't have any cash and Winnie is unrelenting so Lydia takes it upon herself to try and find some coins or donations out in the bar.

As the night progresses, Megan finds herself spending most of the night in the toilet cubicle, posting Instagram stories and trying to convince Winnie to give her a tampon.

But as any student night out goes, things don't quite go her way, and instead the three women find themselves being challenged and inspired by one another in the strangest and most lovely of ways.

How did it make me feel?

This show was a riot! The three women are absolutely hilarious and have such brilliant chemistry onstage. Flora London, who also wrote the show has a fantastic stage presence and her writing has a wonderful millennial feel, that brings periods to the frontline, shouting about them from the roof tops. Evangeline Osbon who also directs the piece, along with Dewi Sarginson, bring out the best in all these characters, and the break away dance scenes are powerful and have an almost amazonian feel. Savanna Griffiths is the perfect balance to the two party girl characters and provides a dry and witty performance as Winny, and keeps the show grounded and real.

The show is an absolute ode to female friendships, and although some of the storylines feel ever so slightly on the nose, the performances are convincing and fresh enough that they keep the audience connected throughout.

Where Is It Playing?

A one off performance at The Kings Head Theatre.

Anything Else?

The message of this show is pretty clear, "I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR". The Ladies Loo Chronicles brings a very accurate portrayal of young women, their vulnerability and their strength to the stage, all the while reminding us that women are funny as hell.

Amy x

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