• Amy Toledano

The Indecent Musings of Miss Doncaster 2007 presented by Think and Hit.

What is it?

Once a Beauty Queen and now stuck in a desk job, life hasn't turned out quite as Miss Donny thought it would in this one woman show about acceptance, self love and family.

What is it about?

Donna (Annabel York, who also wrote the piece), Doncaster local and former beauty queen, spends her days working reception in an insurance company. She then spends her evenings drinking to excess, taking home random strangers, and dancing. Her escapism, her way to cope with what is really going on in her personal life, is private moments of joyous dance. Her father hasn't been well for a long time, and she doesn't know how to deal with it. Dancing gives her a way out.

Throughout this piece, we see various snapshots of Donna's life. How she tries to smash through the mundane, and keep herself afloat.

Though 2019 is a difficult year for Miss Doncaster 2007, she makes it out the other end with a new understanding of life.

How did it make me feel?

This show is a complicated one. It goes without saying that Annabel York is a wonderful performer. Her energy radiates throughout the piece, and her comic timing is bang on.

The story, however, has peaks and troughs, never quite finding it's groove, and losing itself in a never ending parade of vignettes that serve no real purpose to the story. It is only in the last twenty minutes that we understand what this show is actually about. A relationship between a daughter and her father, and what it means to peak too soon.

Sadly though, once we get to this point, the show has come to a natural finish, and the piece tends to drag on, and actually runs over by a good fifteen minutes.

There are a lot of moments in which York takes great pleasure in bearing her all as a woman. Not afraid to share her gritty, grimy and human-ness, Donna is the perfect example of a "hot mess". And while these moments are entertaining, it is when York breaks out in dance that she truly shines. Clever chair choreography serves to create slick scene changes, and this is a credit to director Rebecca Loudon too.

Sadly though, the story doesn't really move, and the ending feels much too preachy and unearned in comparison to rest of the piece.

Anything else?

York's energy as a performer is glorious to watch, however it is the writing, that brings down the piece, and with some trimming could be a solid one woman piece of theatre.

Amy x

The Indecent Musings of Miss Doncaster 2007 is playing in The Network Theatre, VAULT Festival until the 9th February 2020.

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