• Amy Toledano

The House Never Wins presented by Turtle Key Arts

What is it?

Kill the Cat Theatre Company’s latest show, this time an interactive gambling fiesta through Zoom and your phone. The piece runs at between 75-90 minutes based on the choices that are made by the audience separately and as a collective entity and there is a real cash prize (£10) for the lucky winner in this theatrical casino.

What is it about?

The House (fictional zoom casino in which the Dealer operates) begins at full capacity of 100% at the start of the piece. Throughout the show you are asked to bet your chips and donate them to keep said ‘House’ from crumbling. The power is in your hands and you are left playing with the Dealer games of Blackjack with certain twists and rules that are made up to really get you thinking about your footprint on the world and for others around you. There are images, quizzes, tests and text sent privately through your phone throughout the night to take part of too until the lucky winner is decided or the house falls.

How did it make me feel?

For me, this was a really imaginative and ambitious piece, one that I’d like to see more of in lockdown. I’m not the biggest fan of the streaming alternatives being put out currently (nothing compares to the real thing) but this was a totally different angle at live theatre. It accounts for inevitable technical failures, accidental mute buttons and let’s you sit and enjoy/be part of an event first hand with a glass of wine or whatever you choose from the comfort of your own home.

Where is it playing?

Zoom is the place to be at the moment it seems, and with this run sadly finishing Sat 23rd May but there will be more from Kill the Cat either with a reincarnation of this or a new production. They are now definitely on my radar for the future.

Anything else?

Less a show and more of an event I’d say. If you’re looking for more of the traditional alternatives to theatre in this uncertain time we find ourselves in then maybe this isn’t the place for you. However, for those of you that can good entertainment, and if you ask me the best interactive/online virtual experience I’ve seen since lockdown then this totally fits the bill. There’s real games of blackjack, betting and staking, apple bobbing, forfeit shots, whatsapp quizzes the lot that you can take part in as much or little as you feel.

Sophie x

The House Never Wins was performed via Zoom, until the 23rd May 2020.

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