• Amy Toledano

The Half Presented by Fabric Productions, Danielle Ward and Anna Crilly

What is it?

A two-hander that follows two old friends as they reunite for the first time in ten years to perform as their once famous comedy act.

What's it all about?

Half an hour before the pair go on stage, Cathy and Nell are forced to reunite for the first time in years. Their relationship is far from amicable, and in the first few moments of the piece the pair flick sharp wit at one another, passively insulting each other's careers, personal lives and anything else they can find.

As the show progresses we come to understand the nature of their relationship and how it has changed over time, and through flashbacks that are eerie and diluted we come to learn where their partnership began and ended.

it is not until the final moments that the show takes a dark turn and the audience is privy to an unexpected twist that changes the plays original path completely.

How did it make me feel?

This is a complicated one. I loved that the show had two women at the helm of this story, with Anna Crilly and Margaret Cabourn-Smith providing interesting, rich characters. I also thought the concept was interesting and that there were some really fantastic moments that were warm and sincere. However, while I loved that the show was based on two female comedians I felt that there was a lot of missed opportunities for comedy, that at times, made the characters seem mismatched and jarring. The final scene was dark and haunting though with it's abrupt ending really hitting the audience with its message and not taking the usual road which was a really strong choice.

Anything Else?

This show is a mixed bag with a concept that is engaging and atmospheric, and brings to light the power of female friendships.

Amy x

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