• Amy Toledano

The Half Moon Shania Presented by Burnt Lemon Theatre

What is it?

An angry punch of feminism in the form of all-girl punk band The G-Strings and the night in which their future's are sealed.

What's it all about?

It is 1999 and the G-Strings have secured a gig at the Half Moon pub. The three girls are full of angst and feminist glory, and are chomping at the bit because tonight a representative from Diamond Records is coming to see them play. As Jill (Catherine Davies), Lola (Freya Parks) and Kerry (Cara Baldwin) prepare for one of the most important nights of their lives (and pray to their idol Shania Twain), their relationship as a band is tested. As Kerry tries and fails to keep out of trouble, Lola questions her place in a world that is driven by men and Jill tries in vain to keep everyone focused, things turn dark quickly and things play out very differently to what the girls were expecting.

How did it make me feel?

The concept is really clever. It involves many different layers of the experience of being a young woman trying to make a difference in a world that doesn't accept you. However while the story is strong, the commitment to the anger is lacking. For a show that is drenched in the feeling of the sweaty punk era, the show seems to be missing the urgency in it's music, and the feeling of desperation and anger that fuels the fire for all successful punk artists. A big drawing point is the idea of live music in a theatrical setting and sadly the musical side does not quite meet the mark. However the commitment from the actors is there, and the narrative drives forwards and in turn unravels a shocking plot twist that leaves a sour taste in the audiences' mouth.

Anything Else?

The Half Moon Shania is a sweaty, pulsating show that brings to light the sexism that is still incredibly rife in the music industry and the fight that young women have been putting up for years to take up space not only in this particular industry but also in the world.

Amy x

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