• Amy Toledano

The Good Landlord Presented by Metamorph Theatre

What is it?

A dark comedy that focuses on the surveillance of two young men who move into a suspiciously cheap flat in central London.

What's it all about?

Tom (Maximillian Davey) and Ed (Rupert Sadler) are two young Londoners who move into the flat of their dreams in the centre of the city. While the rent is cheap and the views of Big Ben are not too shabby either, there is a catch. The men are to be monitored on surveillance cameras fitted throughout the flat 24/7. Tom is not too pleased with this arrangement, whereas Ed is a little too pleased about it. Representing "The Landlord" is real estate shark Clarissa (Phoebe Batteson-Brown) who is totally dedicated to the mysterious Landlord's requests. This arrangement begins to go pear shaped once Clarissa's seemingly innocent personal assistant Bryony (Tiwalade Ibirogba-Olulode) finds herself watching the cameras and falling for the awkwardly charming Tom from afar.

How did it make me feel?

I really enjoyed this show and feel that it is quite different to a lot of the current shows on at Vault Festival. It speaks interestingly about society and its ever-growing obsession with surveillance and the constant need to know everything about everyone and the idea that we must be "on the ball 24/7". In turn it also does well at showing the other side of this desire. It illustrates the readiness for which young people have for sharing intimate, important details of themselves through social media and the acceptance that this is simply the current state of the world. The writing involves quite a lot of exposition, but the cast, in particular, Battersea-Brown and Sadler, had such high energy that it works really well for the piece.

Anything Else?

The Good Landlord is an interesting commentary on the current social climate, in London particularly, and cleverly illustrates the lengths that young people are willing to go to for decently priced rent.

Amy x

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