• Amy Toledano

The Archive of Educated Hearts Presented by Casey Jay Andrews

What is it?

This unique theatre experience is a little gem amongst the Vault's programme this year, in which the audience has a conversational-type 30 minutes with Andrews, and listen to her take on the Educated Hearts of her family's lives and her own life thus far.

What's it all about?

Set in a gorgeous little shed (for lack of a better word), Andrews invites her intimate audience to choose a seat around a coffee table in the centre of the room, and uses interviews, memories, old photographs and narration to explore the idea of growing up a child separate from her emotions, and what that means when confronting those emotions in the face of tragedy. Using personal memories and antidotes, Andrews unravels a world, or, her world rather, and draws the audience in so deeply that you will find yourself thinking of the people in her story as your own people too.

How did it make me feel?

This show will make you FEEL, even if you go in to it without the intention of doing so. With it's gentle and familiar style it is unlikely you will walk out not reflecting on your own life and similar circumstances. Andrews is open and genuine and it is impossible not to like her, to want to listen to her and connect with her on some level or another. Tissues and and an open-heart are definitely needed for this one in order to have the full experience this show has to offer.

Anything Else?

The venue for this piece (that Andrews built herself!) is itself a work of art. A cubby house of dreams, bringing your childhood clubhouse fantasies to life, you will want to spend another hour with her once the show is through, exploring every nook, cranny and memory that has been so meticulously set out. This has been one of the highlights for me so far, with Andrews really creating her own, unique theatre style and bringing Fringe Theatre into a new kind of light that has yet to be fully explored.

Amy x


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