• Amy Toledano

The Accident Did Not Take Place, Pleasance Courtyard, Beside

What Is It?

YESYESNONO examine the facts of an event and try to work out what went wrong and where, with the help of a guest performer.

What Is It All About?

A plane is travelling between London and New York. The flight has so far been comfortable and pleasant. Suddenly the plane is struck with extremely strong turbulence, and the plane disappears from the sky.

This company replays the scenario numerous times, each time urging the guest performer to really push themselves to the limit and help us feel like it is really happening, that we are really there.

The company also explore the experiences and emotions of their particular guest performer, bringing a very personal element to the piece, and create a relationship with a stranger. This is a beautiful and delicate way of reminding the audience that these people that disappeared had lives and people that they left behind.

There is a clever conversation around "fake" news, along with the constant reminder not to believe everything we are told.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This is a compelling, and at times, exhausting piece of theatre.

The repetitive nature of the first half is draining but cleverly hits home regarding the media, highlighting the absurd nature of what society is and isn't told. The effect is a very powerful and as the company use cameras and screens to scrutinise the actors even further, the personal nature of the tale is punctuated.

There is a warmth to the piece that really resonates, particularly during the second half as the powerful movement used by the cast is incredibly special.

Anything Else?

A unique experience that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Amy x

The Accident Did Not Take Place is playing at Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Beside until the 26th August 2019.

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