• Amy Toledano

Thank you and Goodnight presented by Box. Theatre Company

What is it?

Box Theatre Company return with their next one act production written and starring Emilia Stawicki. A one woman show running straight through at just under an hour. A perfect fringe style piece in development currently (I believe) for exactly that… watch out Edinburgh Emilia is coming!

What is it all about?

It’s a cocktail of dating anecdotes, shameless confessions and mishaps, presented in a half stand up/ half one act play style. We follow Emilia through early adolescence in America up to present day and hear all her triumphs and failures in the dating world. It’s all very funny and with witty writing, making you feel like you’re at a slumber party with marshmallows and pj’s hearing all the latest boy gossip. That’s not at all to say it isn’t of very high quality and performed very well, as indeed it is, and does not fall in to the breach of any old play by a girl about a boy and about a break up etc, and is quite the opposite, this woman is fearless!

How did it make me feel?

I felt completely at ease and confident with Emilia from the start. A well rounded, three dimensional and extremely likeable character (which I assume is a version or heightened version of Emilia herself, which helped further flesh out her character). I felt comfortable to let her take us as an audience in whichever way this play was going to go (which was definitely sometimes to the unexpected!). In a piece like this one, it is key to have us on side and Emilia did exactly that as we willingly went on this adventure with her for an hour. It’s a very honest and at times vulnerable piece that contrasts real moments of poignancy with cleverly ridiculous ‘SNL’ esque humour making it a fabulous way to spend an evening. At times also very empowering, despite many anecdotes leave you feeling like Emilia is the unluckiest in love OF ALL, everything seems completely relatable and I for one know all too well that we ALL have terrible dating stories like this hiding in our closets somewhere (some more than others!).

Where is it playing?

This show is performed at ‘Katzapce’ London bridge which is actually a perfect intimate black box space for a piece like this. It reminded me completely of Underbelly Cowgate, a space that would marry really well with this show, and as I assume the trajectory of a piece like this is Fringe festivals, with more spaces and audiences like the show I attended I believe it could really excel there.

Anything else?

Emilia’s physical humour and absurdity fit well in a piece that feels largely verbatim and comes as a welcome relief to other vey samey and sometimes deeply depressing dating plays that are out there today. I felt strangely uplifted at the end of this play, and I’d be very keen to see a future incarnation of this show and urge anyone else to do the same. We will hopefully see a longer run in maybe Edinburgh next summer!

Sophie x

Thank you and Goodnight is playing at Katzspace until Tuesday 29th October 2019.

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