• Amy Toledano

Tami Stone - My Funny Bits, The Space at Surgeons' Hall

What is it?

One woman sketch comedy that features some kooky and funny women.

What's it all about?

Comedy actress Tami Stone presents a range of characters in this new one woman comedy show.

Made up of a load of sketches, Stone brings a bundle of energy to the stage and introduces us to the likes of an actress who overshares in an audition, and has an interesting acting style around fruit and a D grade celebrity who is a little too big for her boots to name a few.

This rag tag bunch are all stand alone, and even though we only see them once, we get a little snapshot of who they are and what they are all about. Each piece segues into the next with lovely audio tie in's that set up the world before we have even arrived.

How did it make me feel?

It is clear from the minute Stone takes the stage, that she is very talented. There is huge commitment and energy, and despite a smaller audience really punches out all the characters and sends her energy right to the back of the room. However, it is the writing that really lets this piece down. Three of these five characters are incredibly similar, with their voices, accents and general behaviour all pretty much the same. Even their hair is the same, and I genuinely forgot that these weren’t the same person. The jokes are generally tired, and the comedy tends to punch down on working class people, with the punchline often being that someone is a manager of a Tesco or ASDA.

And while there are some better moments, such as when a washed up pop singer announces her newest project, a night of Justin Timberlake songs with a classical orchestra called “I’m Bringing Sexy Bach”, overall the writing drags Stone’s talent down, bringing the kind of jokes to the table that we have seen time and time again.

Anything Else?

I am excited to see what Tami Stone does next as her talent is obvious. But unfortunately the jokes get old quickly, and the lack of definition between some of the characters, makes them more forgettable than memorable.

Amy x

Tami Stone- My Funny Bits is playing at The Space Surgeons' Hall until the 17th August 2019.

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