• Amy Toledano

Tacenda Presented by RedBellyBlack Theatre

What is it?

A groundhog-esque, physical theatre show that focuses on what we as humans do and don't choose to communicate to one another and ourselves.

What's it all about?

Joy (Kate Goodfellow) and Elizabeth (Louise Hoare) are best friends who are currently living together. They try their best to support one another but often find themselves biting their tongues, as their frustration and irritation with each other often becomes overpowering. In turn, this behaviour effects the rest of their day to day lives. The two woman end up living out the same day multiple times and come to realise that what is most important is being honest and open with each other to have the best friendship possible.

How did it make me feel?

This show is great. A super original concept that illustrates the delicacies and importance of friendship, as well as the importance that clear communication has in our lives overall. The performances were honest and powerful, with special mention to Joel Gatehouse, who played multiple roles, giving each defined, hilarious characters. The tension of the show bubbled along and was engaging the entire way through. This theatre company's signature physical traits were not ignored here either, with slick, emotive movement used throughout to signify many clever changes in scenes and in order to build the characters' many ever flowing anxieties.

Anything Else?

Tacenda focuses on an unique subject matter that is subtle and heartfelt. It's representation of female friendship is refreshingly real, and the cast have a strong connection that is palpable throughout.

Amy x

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