• Amy Toledano

Sugar Coat presented by Emma Blackman Productions

Image courtesy of Ali Wright

What is it?

Sugar Coat is a fierce all female gig theatre piece with a full-blown rock band to help tell the story of one girl’s journey through self and sexual discovery while becoming an adult. Performing at this years VAULT Festival.

What is it about?

A youthful production drooling with rocking nostalgia for carefree teenage bliss that quickly turns into the dismantle of the protagonist’s mental health. Fortunately the show moves forward in a positive way, as she surrounds herself with the people she loves, gets the help she needs and rebuilds herself. All intertwined with some gut wrenching emotional songs and some rocking tunes!

How did it make me feel?

I’m in awe of how well Sugar Coat did the opposite of just that, as it crashes into big topics straight on. The music is both bluntly angry and then moves on with a fluttering of hilariously relatable comedy, as it’s on its way to another anthem. There’s such beauty found in watching someone heal, from the point of true heartbreak to reaching the moment of peace with the loving and supporting people they have around them; this protagonist’s journey is stunning and so are all the supporting characters, in every sense of the word. Sugar Coat perfectly encapsulates the way one can have a relationship with music. The songs so beautifully resemble the feelings the characters are going through and with every beat it’s thrusted upon the audience. We find the feeling of pure teenage rage, heartbreak, healing and happiness in the music and combined with story telling, they come together in this perfect form of gig theatre. The audience is taken through each moment so when they laugh, you laugh, when they cry, you cry, when they rock out, you rock out! Pure nostalgia for teenage blissfulness, I’m yearning for a WKD now.

Anything else?

Emma Blackman Productions is doing such fantastic work and I hope Sugar Coat has as thrilling future as the show deserves.

Oh, and f*** the patriarchy.

Eleanor x

Sugarcoat is playing in the Forge, VAULT Festival, until the 15th March 2020.

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