• Amy Toledano

Sticky Door presented by Katie Arnstein

What is it?

The third in Katie Arnstein's "It's A Girl" Trilogy, this one woman show looks at the limitations put on women, through the eyes of a woman's experience with one night stands, poor mental health and cystitis.

What is it about?

In this frank retelling, Arnstein recalls the year 2014, and her mission to detach herself from her emotional connection to one night stands. Instead she attempts to sleep with a new man every month without getting into a relationship as she normally would. The plan starts off well with a friend of a friend across a dark and gin slicked bar in Waterloo. The pair meet, flirt and have sex. Ending in a simple exchange and Arnstein's first of many run-ins with the dreaded cystitis.

As each month passes, Arnstein finds herself a new man (or in one instance, woman) and as the time goes on finds herself feeling more and more reclusive, and begins to realise that this plan for less emotion and more sex, may actually be pushing her in a direction headed for destruction.

How did it make me feel?

Arnstein is a master storyteller, and brings you into her world with ease and comfort. Her conversational tone hints at a comedic style of show, that hits all the right notes and never leaves you wondering how long there is to go.

Sticky Door, the term used to describe a door of opportunity that is being held closed, and not letting others in, is an apt name for the third in Arnstein's trilogy of one woman shows. She takes the reigns and never apologies, creating vivid images of her dingy Brixton flat, situated above a greasy chicken shop, and subtly slips in gems of information about her younger life, and things that may be adding to her growing feelings of depression.

Arnstein uses musical interludes throughout with ukulele in hand, keeping the pace of the piece bubbling along with a charm that is so intoxicating it is impossible not to like her.

Her unwavering passion for bringing the important stories of women to the stage is rife throughout, cleverly highlighting the everyday sexism that women constantly encounter. It is the tender nuances of these moments that make the experience of this show all the more brilliant.

Anything Else?

The first two shows in Arnstein's trilogy Bicycles and Fish and Sexy Lamp both have a similar tone to this, but explore different moments from the life of a woman who is pushing back against the patriarchal obstacles that have been put in her way. All playing on Sunday the 16th at VAULT Festival, treat yourself to all three for an emotional and lovely day of theatre.

Amy x

Sticky Door is playing in the Cage, VAULT Festival until the 16th February 2020.

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