• Amy Toledano

Splintered, Bedlam Theatre

What Is It?

Three women explore what it means to be LGBTQ+ in the Caribbean, and the stigma attached to those who are different in this cabaret experience.

What Is It All About?

Natasha Simone, Sanaa Byfield and Charlotte Dowding, along with Lagahoo Productions bring us a variety of stories and sketch-like vignettes that look at queer people who are from the Caribbean.

There is Ruby, a woman who has moved to England, is trying to come out to her mum but is struggling to make that phone call.

There are also the school friends from Kingston, Jamaica who are studying for their exams, but one of them is in love with the other and doesn't know how to express her feelings without feeling shame.

These women speak directly to the audience and play games, parody offensive mainstream music and make a moon cup into a very trendy accessory in this fantastic Fringe extravaganza.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This show is so much fun, but also does not shy away from exposing the brutal truths for so many people who live in countries that do not accept their sexuality.

A lot of the show is taken from interviews with queer women from the Caribbean, and is a lovely way to respectfully have their voices heard, and really hammers home the realities for so many people who live with "shame" and "fear".

The show takes on an almost game show style at points, as the cast switch out as the hosts and introduce each section of the show in an interactive manner.

Special mention to the "coming out" stories of many women, that was set to the music and style of "Cell Block Tango". So inventive and clever!

Anything Else?

Splintered is the perfect late night show, that provides a platform for so many people who are left unheard. The show is the perfect epitome of what fringe theatre is, experimental, interactive, entertaining and powerful.

Amy x

Splintered is playing at Bedlam Theatre until the 25th August 2019.

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