• Amy Toledano

Spiderfly presented by Metal Rabbit Productions and Theatre503

Image courtesy of Josh McClure

What is it?

A One Act, two hander running at just over an hour at Theatre503 (not that you’d notice the run time as the piece is so engaging, you may not blink at all throughout).

What is it about?

Esther, a couples counsellor, is looking for answers and closure after her sister is murdered. She attempts this by visiting the accused man in prison, all the while trying to balance life and a new relationship. It’s primarily a play about relationships but not the typical way- more about their dysfunctions, their flaws and what it is that keeps you coming back time after time to a toxic relationship. As much as its about the two people in the space at one time, it’s also about the individuals and what they are trying to negotiate as they untangle the baggage of their histories.

How did it make me feel?

A very rare kind of show, that is entertaining but very dark. It is incredibly intense and at times an uncomfortable watch (intentionally) but it left feeling of such a love for theatre and its craft. That’s not to say at all that it’s a play just for creatives, as it is very clever and accessible, - this could be your first ever theatre experience and you’d enjoy it. This show sets the bar of what theatre should be all about.

It’s important to note and credit both actors in the play (Lia Burge and Matt Whitchurch). Cast perfectly, and giving off a wonderfully charming gentleness and truth in their performances. Completely likeable but also very flawed, you are captivated by their destructive yet compelling relationships as they get messier and messier and we are drip fed information at precisely right moment. The script by John Webber is open and brilliant, as it sits in the very capable hands of two highly skilled actors.

Where is it playing?

It is currently on at Theatre503 and runs from 14/11- 30/11/2019. The space was ideal for this piece, with really clever staging and set design (by Lizzy Leech) that married duologues cleverly with phone, Skype and online interactions really well which is not always easy to do on stage.

Anything else?

Spiderfly is tight, well accomplished piece of theatre. I would really urge anyone to see it while it’s still running with this cast. No one thing takes away from the finished production, with every aspect seeming to add more to the bigger picture. Important to remind everyone too, this is a pub theatre so take in a pint or a mulled wine and let yourself be drawn into the spiders web…

Spiderfly is playing at Theatre503 until the 30th November 2019.

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