• Amy Toledano

Soho Cinders presented by James Seabright and Not Too Tame Theatre

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What is it? 

A truly modern day retelling of Cinderella. A new original musical comedy with heart.  What is it about? A struggling, down on his luck young man becomes romantically involved with a seemingly straight Mayoral candidate, all the while dealing with the death of his mother, his mean step-sisters (portrayed phenomenally by Michaela Stern and Natalie Harman), losing his late mother's business, and political scandals. This show truly takes the Cinderella story that we know so well and places it into our modern world. Robbie, beautifully played by Luke Bayer, takes us on a journey as he tries to navigate his love life as a gay man in Soho, all the while trying to keep his head above water. With the help of his best friend Velcro, played by the incomparable Millie O'Connell, Robbie faces off with love interest (charming Lewis Asquith) as both men try to find their perfect fairy-tale ending and how to cope in today's social and political climate. 

How did it make me feel? I enjoyed the gender and sexuality of swap of the traditional story. This allowed for an even more heart wrenching show when Robbie has to flea the ball. There isn't just classism at work here, but there is betrayal between finances, campaign managers, and friends. I was invested in the story and how things would work out for Robbie and his lover. It is an upbeat musical that has you bopping in your seat and humming along with the catchy tunes. You root for the underdog, but you also wait eagerly for the hilarious step-sisters to return for immense comedic affect.

Where is it playing? At Charing Cross Theatre until the 21st of December. Anything Else? The vocals in this show are phenomenal! The cast, in its entirety, are very talented. The narrow stage never feels too crowded with dancers and the choreography (Adam Haigh) is just the right amount of impressive. The lighting (Jack Weir) is effective and set the mood superbly. Also of note is the acting chops of Tori Hargreaves, who plays the "beard" fiancé Marilyn Platt. The betrayal of being cheated on "regardless of gender", that she portrays is heartbreaking and powerful. 

Natasha x

Soho Cinders is playing at Charing Cross Theatre until the 21st December 2019.

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