• Amy Toledano

Sky In The Pie presented by Feathers of Daedalus Circus

Image courtesy of Mark Neal

What is it?

Sky in the Pie is a delightful and innovate production combining poetry, acrobatics, and childlike imagination.

What is it about?

The performance piece takes on an interesting narrative as it follows one child's daydream of their daily routine from home to school and back again. Through the movement of dance, acrobatics, and puppetry, the audience watches as a child's imagination becomes our reality. The story is narrated through the use of poems by published poet Roger McGough. These poems relate so closely to the child in each of us and the children in the audience.

How did it make me feel?

This is a fantastical and wacky production that is sure to captivate the minds of youngsters. Due to the creative nature of acrobatics, puppetry, and bright colours, McGough's poems jump right off the page, almost like the reverse effect of jumping into a pavement picture in Mary Poppins! So often poetry is looked upon a disciple to be studied and no longer enjoyed as it once was. However, in this production, audiences, and particularly children, are reminded of how engaging, fun, and silly poetry can be. The larger-than-life dramatic style is captivating right from the start. There is so much going on on such a small stage that for 60 minutes the audience is completely submerged and stimulated. This is a testament to director Joanna Vymeris as she has manages to make this spectacular stimulation engaging rather than being over the top. This production is a friendly and postal coloured circus event for the whole family. It is more relatable to people than a tradiontal circus because it takes our everyday common lives and adds colour, fantasy, and imagination to them. The only thing I felt lacking was the sharpness of the cast. Simple things like stronger vocals or all being in time with one another could really make a difference and have a stronger effect with their physical story telling.

Anything else?

Please take children to this wonderful and joyous production. I believe they will be truly thrilled to see a bit of themselves and their imagination onstage. The poetry aspect with rhyming scheme makes it incredibly easy for a younger audience to understand/follow along. Make sure you catch it at the Vaults next!

Natasha x

Sky in the Pie is playing at OSO Arts Centre until the 22n February 2020.

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