• Amy Toledano

Sincerely, Jodie by Roxane Bourges

Savannah Davies as Robyn (left), Roxane Bourges as Jodie (right)

What is it?

A two-hander about friendship, obsession, sexuality and mental health.

What's it all about?

This gentle coming-of-age type story follows the friendship of Robyn and Jodie, two best friends who leave the predictability of their suburban upbringings to try their luck in the big smoke of Harlem. Robyn a young, gay woman of African descent finds her place here easily, feels a connection to her heritage and soon finds herself in a steady relationship with one of her college classmates. Jodie however, struggles to find where she fits in, suffering from an unpleasant work situation as well as no other social connections besides Robyn, and turns to a male celebrity to focus all her energy into. This harmless celebrity crush soon turns to full blown obsession and Robyn does her best to attempt to bring her best friend down to earth. But ultimately Jodie's obsession turns unhealthy and the friends find themselves so far apart they aren't sure whether they can get the friendship they once had back to where it once was again.

How did it make me feel?

This show is a lovely take on female friendship and the importance of support and love within these relationships, and I often had pangs of nostalgia, watching the girls dance to Katy Perry and The Backstreet Boys and talk about their feelings and what it means to grow up. The show's interesting concept also had me thinking about the world's dependancy on social media and the way in which celebrities can feel so close to us, as if we know them personally as we are able to see their every move logged on their social media sites.

Written completely in verse, the writing style of this piece, is incredibly pleasing to the ear and provides for a wonderful platform for these two women to express themselves poetically and in quite a bit of depth for such a snappy piece.

Anything Else?

The dance numbers really are great, the performances are strong and Roxane Bourges pipes are killer as she tries to out-sing a techno track that is playing at the same time.

Amy x