• Amy Toledano

Since U Been Gone presented by Teddy Lamb and Ameena Hamid Productions LTD

What is it?

Teddy Lamb explores friendship and how it shapes and defines us, and the toxicity it can bring in not giving us space to be the people we are.

What is it about?

Teddy starts at the very beginning, what it meant for them growing up as a queer boy, before they learnt that they were in fact, not a boy at all. They delve into a friendship that blossomed across a rehearsal room and the space that was invaded in their soul once this friendship hit full steam. This delicate and raw storytelling is an ode to the love we have for those closest to us, and the way in which life can get in the way of said relationships. As Teddy reflects on a life lived with and without this person, they open up to the audience about all that has been gained and lost, and create a beautiful visual of growing up and finding yourself amongst the chaos.

How did it make me feel?

This gorgeous piece of theatre speaks right to the heart of all of us. It reminds us that life is short, and as humans it is impossible to be truly understanding of what is going on in someone else's mind. Teddy's performance is familiar and warm, a friend who speaks frankly and openly about their experience. The show features live music throughout by Nicol Parkinson, who spends the show underscoring Teddy and their thoughts, while providing stone cold stares that entertain us with much of the comic relief and a balance to Teddy's high energy.

As the story evolves, Teddy sheds their clothing, providing a symbolic shedding of the old, the person they used to hide behind and eventually putting on a beautiful dress, something that since coming out as Femme, they have not felt particularly safe to do.

The show ends with a tinged sadness, that although Teddy has found themselves, they are still not safe to live in a society that will not accept or understand them. However their strength in continuing to be themselves, and a celebration of a love between friends even when one particular friend is no longer around is incredibly poignant.

Anything else?

Both heartbreaking and heartwarming, a wonderful feat of a show.

Amy x

Since U Been Gone is playing in the Forge, VAULT Festival until the 9th February 2020.

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