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Silently Hoping presented by Ellander Productions

What is it?

A story of identity and family that explores the many complexities that are associated with where you come from and the loyalties attached.

What's it all about?

Silently Hoping follows the story of Kalila (Mona Khalili) and the difficulty she has with finding her place and understanding her identity. She lives with her partner Charlotte (Comfort Fabian), who is having her own struggles in accepting her current situation and the effect her decisions have had on her family and the community she left behind. The piece jumps around in time and we see Kalila, as a young British girl meeting her Bruneian Father Danny (Shiraz Khan) for the first time. His presence (or lack there of) in her life has a startling impact on her and as Kalila grows older we witness her frustration and confusion within herself, from her mother, and the understanding of her culture. She makes attempts at becoming a muslim and studying Islam. She pushes away those closest to her and the show ends with her confronting her father for the final time, and the sadness and emptiness she feels.

How did it make me feel?

The concept of this show is really interesting and I enjoyed the exploration of culture and Kalila's story of trying to find her place. However this show had many characters that had their own issues and confusion concerning heritage and understanding of where they have come from. The thing I found difficult with this was that there were multiple characters to focus on all with their own dilemmas. Often I wasn't sure who we were supposed to focus on and there seemed to be some strange character choices that did not really make sense overall. The idea is a strong one but perhaps some of the side characters were a bit of overkill for a one hour show.

Anything Else?

While this show perhaps over-complicated itself at times, at it's core it is a story about a young woman making a choice about the kind of person she wants to be and the way in which our parents and the people around us impact our lives.

Amy x

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