• Amy Toledano

Shitfaced Showtime: Oliver With A Twist Presented by Magnificent Bastard Productions

Image courtesy of Rah Petherbridge

What is it?

A group of actors perform a shortened version of Oliver the musical with one twist- a member of the company is completely shit-faced drunk.

What's it all about?

Oliver! is a classic British musical that has been loved by audiences for years. The rendition by this cast of Shitfaced Showtime however, is a little different to the original that is known and loved. With a mix of various show tunes from other well known musicals (Singin' In The Rain, I Dreamed A Dream) along with the usual suspects such as You've Got To Pick A Pocket or Two, the show is familiar to those who are both well acquainted with musical theatre and those who know it more in passing.

Multi-rolling is constant within this version, with only this evening's drunk, Issy Wore Wright, who plays the title role of Oliver just covering the one character. Musical Director Nick Moore, who also plays Fagin as well as other smaller roles, tends to steer the show, and focuses on keeping Wore Wright on book. As the show progresses too, our MC Katy Baker, pops in to keep matters safe and to make sure the drunk stays nice and intoxicated.

How did it make me feel?

The Shitfaced blueprint is one that has been playing for years now, with both Shitfaced Shakespeare and Showtime both bringing in enthusiastic crowds. However, this particular production seems to be missing a little of the punch that others have given. While the cast seem to be enjoying themselves, there is also a lack of energy overall that slows down the momentum of the piece. And while there are still a few moments of spontaneity that feel genuine, there is an awareness of all involved, that the drunk needs to seem drunker and that the other cast members need to get as many laughs as possible- which is often more uncomfortable for the audience that enjoyable.

Where Is It Playing?

Leicester Square Theatre has been the long time home of the Shitfaced shows, and always provides a wonderful space for this impulsive show.

Anything Else?

Long time fans of this show will not be disappointed with their experience, and overall the piece is fun and silly. Definitely not one to be taken too seriously, it is the perfect warm up to a great evening out on the town.

Amy x

Shitfaced Showtime Oliver With A Twist runs at Leicester Square Theatre until 12th April 2019.