• Amy Toledano

She. By Madeleine Corner, The Space On The Mile

What is it?

A verbatim piece of ensemble theatre that explores true experiences of womanhood, as told from various interviews with individuals of all ages.

What's it all about?

An ensemble of women begin the piece offstage, and fill the space with haunting harmonies. As each woman takes their place, we see them transform into a different person, and begin to discuss the main question of the piece - who is she?

We hear clips of interviews throughout, which allows those who the actors are not portraying to have their voices heard.

The cast easily and gently move from one character to the next, and uncover the truths of what it is to be pregnant, to get your period, equality between all people and the beauty and trauma that comes with womanhood.

These main points map out a complex and exciting journey that takes the audience to very genuine and special places.

How did it make me feel?

She. is like a friend that reaches out and takes your hand. The direction by Madeleine Corner is gorgeous, and the actors move throughout the space with ease and flair. The simplicity and relaxed nature of the piece is what makes the biggest impact. The act of listening and sharing, brings a warm and safe feeling to the room.

The ensemble are brilliant, and flick from running around and giggling like "Little Monsters" to discussing deep and gutteral imagery in a natural and raw manner.

There is a really strong section in the piece in which some of the women talk about becoming pilots, and how it felt to be the first women of their field. It is a beat on the breast moment in it’s highest form. Who is she? These women are truly whoever they want to be.

Anything Else?

Clever staging, honest voices and fantastic performances make this show one that will have you feel proud to be you, and give you the confidence to shout about it.

Amy x

She. is playing at The Space On The Mile until the 10th August 2019.

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