• Amy Toledano

Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum With Expats presented by Soho Theatre

Image courtesy of Aly Wight

What is it? 

Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum With Expats.

What is it all about? 

Celebrating their final year as Europeans, island-monkeys Becca and Louise get invited by a friend to the 2018 European Capital of Culture, Malta.

How did it make me feel? 

I don’t normally see theatre that focuses on politics, particularly with the current climate of Brexit and the aggression on both sides of the debate. Having said that what performers Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit create is a piece that forces the audience to question everything to do with society, politics, class and where the line is. The result is a very well balanced piece of satire that isn't afraid to go dark places where necessary. 

A particularly enjoyable moment is one in which the audience learn some Maltese words (including the word for penis!). The show does not shy away from hard hitting questions and isn't afraid to shock. The show is highly energised, going from a ‘Lads on tour’ vibe to a journalistic one the next. Drinking Rum With Expats is also very informative about Malta itself, and reminds us of how caught up we are in our own bubble and can be guilty of being ignorant to others outside of U.K borders.

The set, the use of projections, and the videos interviews with Maltese locals are very well done.

The entire piece is beautifully crafted, and leaves the audience with many questions and a sense of wanting to know more. This is the theatre that this country needs more of.

Anything Else? 

If you manage to see the show on tour - do it - this is a piece worth seeing!

Claire-Monique x

Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum With Expats is playing at Soho Theatre until the 19th October 2019.

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