• Amy Toledano

Sexy Lamp Presented by Katie Arnstein

What is it?

A one woman show that calls out the arts industry on its sexist and misogynistic portrayal and treatment of woman. Based on the Sexy Lamp test created by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

What's it all about?

Arnstein creates a vivid and rich world in this totally engaging one woman show. Using her own experience as a young actor finding her way in the industry, Arnstein is able to highlight the constant sexism in a fresh and captivating manner.

She begins her story with her childhood love of the film The Wizard of Oz, and her prompt decision to become Dorothy Gale one day. From there, we witness her love of the stage evolve into a starring role in her school performance of Santa's Snow Mobile, followed on by Drama School and her move to London to become a fully fledged actor. But what happens when she enters the industry is completely different to what she imagined, and Arnstein decides she no longer wishes to be simply be a 'sexy lamp', but a fully rounded character that is important and relevant.

How did it make me feel?

This show is fairly emotional. One of the most engaging shows I have seen at Vault Festival so far, Arnstein opens herself up to the audience in such an honest way and her story is so relevant that it is impossible not to be totally swept up in her world. Her experiences are so very relatable, and in an audience made up of mostly actors and creatives this show has the room completely on side from start to finish. Arnstein's delivery is charismatic and hilarious and her honestly is so palpable throughout that when the show comes to a close you immediately wish it hadn't. An absolute gem of a show.

Anything Else?

For any women out there who are in an industry that is made up of a 'boys club' mentality- this show is for you. For any men who are also in said type of industry please do us all a favour and see this show. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

Amy x

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