• Amy Toledano

Seven Methods Of Killing Kylie Jenner by Jasmine Lee-Jones

Image courtesy of Helen Murray

What is it?

A woman starts a tweet thread explaining the ways in which she wants Kylie Jenner to die, all which go viral and expose the vile truth beneath Kylie's empire.

What's it all about?

Cleo (Danielle Vitalis), has had enough of the world celebrating "self-made millionaires" like Kylie Jenner. A woman born into ridiculous wealth, somehow Kylie is Forbes magazines youngest self made millionaire. And yet, what Kylie is selling, what her "brand" is known as, is damaging, it is rubbing away heritage and culturally significant parts of the black community, and Cleo has had enough.

As each tweet drops, Cleo's online pseudonym, @incognegro, goes more and more viral, while in the real world, her and her best friend Kara (Tia Bannon) find themselves picking each other apart, losing each other in the very realities of both their situations, and as Kara urges her friend to stop before her tweets get out of hand and put her in real danger, Cleo refuses to stand down, as she has always done before.

How did it make me feel?

These two women together are absolute dynamite. Both Bannon and Vitalis have energy that pours out of them. Their chemistry is so raw and honest and presents a true representation of female friendship. The language is contemporary AF (I couldn't resist) and reflects the young British community in all of its fullness.

Weaving in and out of the various Twitter characters and trolls, the physicality is flawless and it is clear movement director Delphine Gaborit has worked closely with the actors to add another layer to these significant moments.

The script by Jasmine Lee-Jones is varied and intelligent. It is incredibly funny, but also poignant and important in its breakdown of those in positions of privilege, particularly those who use other communities cultural identities and traits for their own personal gain.

The final moments of the piece are particularly clever, and pose a question of class and pushes to breakdown the walls between audience and artist, forcing the audience to think about their own relationship to the piece, and to take into account the way in which we can often forget about the message of a performance we have seen upon leaving the theatre, and that this won't fly in this particular situation.

Where Is It Playing?

The Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs is a lovely space for this piece, with a stage that opens up with clever trap doors and hanging netting and rope that adds another intelligent layer to the show.

Anything Else?

Inventive, hilarious and totally contemporary, Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner is art that above all needs to be seen by everyone.

Amy x

Seven Methods Of Killing Kylie Jenner is playing at the Royal Court Theatre until the 27th July 2019.

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