• Amy Toledano

Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In A Minute presented by Ryan Lane

What is it? Ryan Lane gives us a one man tour of Llanidloes, the first town on the River Severn.

What is it all about?

Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In a Minute is an ever moving masterclass in character comedy. It starts with Rhiannon, a Welsh princess who is looking to get to the centre of Wales on a magic horse and then cycles through subtlety crafted expert characters all residents of Llanidloes. The show skirts around Ryan’s role in all this, only at the end does it really come together how all of the characters he’s shown us has built in to Ryan himself.

How did it make me feel?

The most important thing to note about this show is that it is bitingly funny. The comedy is subtle and expertly crafted, injecting humour and wit in to every word, every movement and every look Lane gives us. Lane shines most when interacting with the audience. He maintains a sort of feigned aggressive disinterest in us all, without at any point alienating the audience as a whole. This is a difficult thing to do at the least, but to hold that amount of control whilst portraying a chaotic energy feels miraculous. The way the characters are written is joyous. Personally I have never been to Wales and didn’t grow up in a small town but every character Lane offers us is instantly relatable. Then, just as you think you have understood the conceit, Lane pulls the character from under you, both in the individual scenes and during the show as a whole. Direction from Georgia Murphy keeps up with and compliments Lane’s casual high energy style perfectly. The musical interludes between characters keep you engaged and the production itself is slick and well executed. Anything else?

Ryan Lane is a master of character comedy and Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In a Minute is a brilliant showcase of everything he can do.

Serafina x

Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In A Minute is playing in the Cage, VAULT Festival, until the 1st March 2020.

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