• Amy Toledano

Rust presented by High Tide and Bush Theatre

Image by Helen Murray

What is it?

A seemingly ordinary couple sign on to their first flat together, but soon reveal dark truths about the nature of this fiery relationship.

What's it all about?

Nadia (Claire Lams) and Daniel (Jon Forster) are thrilled to be moving into their own flat. With a few odd bits of furniture and a bed that isn't quite a bed the pair are incredibly happy to be starting this new chapter together.

Except, this new "life" can only happen once a week, and the no one else can know about it.

Because Daniel and Nadia have separate lives to this one, families, partners, responsibilities and are taking a chance with one another to have a break from all of these things.

Married life has become mundane, sex is boring or non-existent and the highlight of the week is watching the latest true-crime series on Netflix. But this relationship, this is the one that brings back those feelings of excitement, pleasure and love. It just so happens to be with someone else.

As the pair fall deeper and deeper into their relationship and emotions rise, the pair start to find that they have different ideas about the nature of their situation and the realisation that they can't have it all.

How did it make me feel?

This was a really fabulous, challenging piece of theatre. Kenny Emson's writing is very good at pulling you into the world of the characters, and having the audience empathise with characters that are ultimately "wrong". The show poses questions about monogamy and the idea of the "nuclear" family.

Direction by Eleanor Rhode is very clever, and the pile of pillows that serves as the bed, is a wonderful device that both connects and drives the characters apart.

Performances are very strong. Claire Lams brings a child-like charm to Nadia that compliments the subtle and cheeky nature of Jon Forster's performance as Daniel.

The challenging and alluring story of an affair that is about more than the physical is a clever and new take on a relationship drama and examines the complexities of human connection.

Where Is It Playing?

Bush Theatre transforms its Studio space into the flat the couple share, with long tube lights hanging at the back of the room creating atmosphere and mood throughout.

Anything Else?

Bush Theatre follows its trend of programming interesting and challenging work, as Rust provides an exciting seventy-five minutes of raw emotion.

Amy x

Rust is playing at Bush Theatre until the 27th July 2019

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